11:16 PM

You can say that I may be like that of a typical girl who likes to collect girly accessories. Namely, bracelets. Although I do adore the sight of female accessories and having the thought of possessing such beauties, financial constrictions are always in my way of purchasing them. However, I do have a few that are already in my possession. 

The black one is given by Aina. The blue and silver bracelets are purchased from Oh, Coax. But of course I already have first-hand contact with the owner so it's hassle-free. The green one is from last year's Christmas present. Last not but least, the one with the pink so-called diamonds is bought at a shop in Putatan [oh, how i miss my hometown]. 

Although it's a joy for me to have such accessories lying around, I rarely wear them. Most of the time I feel wearing them does not fit with the occasion. I just don't want to be overdressed.

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