Of KLCC and book vouchers

10:47 PM

After days of being in a 'cage', I finally went to KL.
This is the second time in my life that I'd stepped into KLCC.
My objective of going there was to use up the book vouchers which only left RM100 in my hands and they are almost near to their expiry date. 
For some of you whom had stepped into KLCC, you'll know where to grab and browse the almost visually unlimited number of books - Kinokuya!
Bought two books from there.
For the other RM100 of book vouchers, I had used it to purchase two books from Amcorp Mall's (in Petaling) Popular bookstore.

Snapped this while outside of KLCC. 
I'm pretty satisfied with the shot.

What I bought with the book vouchers.

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