After almost a month here...

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As I have mentioned in few of my previous posts, I'm currently in a new place - Shah Alam. I'm currently stepping on the land of Malaya, not Borneo anymore. The college apartment we're placed in is very convenient and strategic. I'm quite satisfied with it. But I don't know whether we'll be getting the same college apartment or not for the next semester. It's about a 10 minute drive to Section 17 UiTM Campus and they provide transport for us to get there! In that case, we do not have to go by public transport except if during the weeks where the INTEC students are having their study leave or their semester break. 

I'm happy to find some Sabahans here aside from few of my own classmates. Most of the Sabahans in Section 17 campus are from the Faculty of Music. 

In restaurants or any public premises, sometimes I had to change my accent and dialect a little bit otherwise it will cause communication problems. I would prefer retaining my Sabahan accent & dialect if I could even in public premises but the workers will never cease to give that 'huh?' expression upon hearing my sentences. 'Tapau' change to 'bungkus' and 'milo ping' change to 'milo ais'. I would still mistakenly utter the former term but will quickly switch to the latter term. LOL. The food here is cheaper than the food in KK. In KK, you won't (or seldom) find food that are below RM5 anymore. I can save more money! Oh yeah, the one feature that distinguishes the food here and the food in Sabah is the level of spiciness. Kepedasan makanan di sini sangat terserlah~! Bikin panas~! (literally!)

I'm glad that I've found a church that I could go to for my 2 years of studying here. As I've mentioned this before, the church is at SIB Shah Alam, Section 25. Not that far from my college apartment either. It's about a 10-15 minute drive. Good thing the church provides transport. Hallelujah! Wherever I am, I know Hebrew 10:25 is important - "not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching." It means that I should gather with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ no matter where I am. I'm planning on not just to attend the Sunday service but also join their cell group which is on Thursday night. I miss attending Christian gatherings and missing GCF back in IPG Gaya. They are going to organize a Christian trainee teachers camp (for tertiary students in Sabah who are taking Education) and be the host of that camp for this year called 'Kem Barnabas' in late May and I'm not able to attend which makes me sad. On a positive note, at least I'm able to attend Christian gatherings here. Never letting go or forsaking my relationship with God. :)

At Section 2, UiTM main campus (it's huge and bikin sasat~!)
It is where my dad used to study. 

p/s: I gained 2 kg during my 1st 2 weeks here. Good thing there's a gym here in the college apartment.
Now I'm back to my previous weight. 
Yeay~! :)

I'm happy here. Everything is going great.

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