12:56 AM

I was inspired by Maymay Kay to do a self portrait.
But it would be better if I had a tripod stand to hold my camera and set it on self-timer.
I don't usually go all the trouble to do this.
But once I'm bored and inspired, I guess it is all worth it.

Yes, I have that natural 'serious look'.

Visit Maymay Kay's photo blog here. Not only is she talented in photography, she is also talented in make up. Watch her make up tutorials here.

50mm prime lens and a tripod stand are suddenly in my wish list. But I don't know whether my allowance will allow me to purchase both of them and keep me survive for the next 5 months in UiTM Shah Alam. Probably not. We'll see.

p/s: I am also on the verge of doing a 366 days (this year is a leap year!) photography project. Which means, to post up at least a picture for a day everyday for 366 days. Well in this case, it's already February and it's the 37th day of the year. I think it's still not too late for me to start now. So, 366 days minus 37 days = 329 days. 

Look out for my next post! 329 days photography project will start on the next one. ;)

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