Same issue, different person.

12:40 AM

Hm, the issue that I'm about to mention is not a first time occurrence. It has happened a few times before. I think this is the third time. Same issue but different person. My reaction to it was like this:

It's as if I was immune to it already. Lol. Ok, what am I talking about here...

Fellow Sabahans and Sarawakians, I'm sure yougaiz must be pissed off right now. Well, I guess that's a normal reaction upon reading the messages above. Though this person is from Peninsular Malaysia (and obviously has no interactions with the people of Sabah & Sarawak), we cannot simply stereotype people just because of one person. If you want to get mad, don't get mad at the people from peninsular Malaysia, but get mad at this person. One person does not necessarily represent the whole group. I think this person just needs some exposure to the east side of Malaysia at least through some reading or interactions with Sabahans & Sarawakians. She's saying things that she has no knowledge of (ie. Sabahan & Sarawakians live on trees.)

The problem with living in a country that has two lands being separated by the sea (ie. Malaysia) is that the people from one part of country does not know the culture or condition of the other part of the country. My advice is to visit the place, explore & learn or at least read something about the place. I consider myself lucky to have friends from Peninsular Malaysia and will have the opportunity to study in the Peninsular for two years (currently, I have a month to go before I fly to Shah Alam). This way, citizens in the country will not have the habit of stereotyping each other based on their place & race. 

p/s: From what I have read in a Facebook page regarding this issue, the person who posted those tweets used a fake profile (fake name & fake display picture) and the real person by the same name stepped up and informed the page that it was a fake profile trying to give her a bad name. Poor girl.

Support 1Malaysia. 
Say NO to racism. :D

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