Boring? Irrelevant?

2:17 AM

I like to post statuses that are in references to God. My purpose of doing that is to spread & share the word of God through social network. Since my Christian friends are always on Facebook all the time, why not share the word of God to them via FB. I know most of them do not have the time to even open The Holy Bible and read. I know because I used to be just like them. 

Before I became a real Christian, I never had the intentions to share the word of God in Facebook and was intimidated to talk about God in Facebook. Even when I was a new committed Christian, I still felt intimidated to share them on FB. But now, I don't feel intimidated anymore. Besides, I'm not the only one who does this. I have a few fellow brothers & sisters in Christ who do the same. My friends in Facebook whom have added me before I became a committed Christian might see the changes in my posts. Some might be surprised. Some might be in disbelief. I understand. A fellow friend of mine was quite surprised that I started sharing Bible verses on Facebook. He didn't say anything negative about it but he was just quite surprised. 

I know that I have to do more than just share the word of God to people via Facebook or in person. I have to practice what I preach. I have to walk the talk. If I don't do that, then I'm just a hypocrite. I don't want to be like the Pharisees mentioned in Matthew 23, where they share the word of God but didn't practice what they had preached. 

Use any medium to glorify God is what God wants. Lord Jesus Christ said in Mark 13:10, "And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations." I know many people who are born in Christian families but does not even know the contents of the Bible nor had even known God personally. My hope is that for every Christian that I know to be familiar with the word of God and to know God personally. I don't only hope for it but I also pray for it. Because from my personal experience, I feel the joy and I feel content about my life after I faithfully accepted Christ as my Savior and get to know Him personally. Through His saving grace, there is joy in Him. The feeling of love that every human needs can be found in Him. I personally have felt it. People might see it as boring and irrelevant, but then again, from my experience, through His love, God has taught me everything that I can apply in every aspect of my life. Therefore, it is NOT boring and it IS relevant. God's words are wise and with wisdom, it can keep us from trouble.

p/s: As all the Christians in the world should know, it's the season of Lent. I'll be fasting for 40 days. When I meant fasting, I'm abstaining from certain food for 40 days. And those food happened to be my favourites! (>,<) cobaaaaaaaannn...........

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