Ayumi Mei Mei

8:50 PM

This is her second photoshoot session with me as her photographer. The first one was this. This time her boyfriend, Razi, joined in the photoshoot and assisted me in holding the reflector. [Btw, Razi looks like my maternal uncle. Really!!! @_@] The location is beside Kota Kinabalu International Airport. The place for the photoshoot used to be a workshop. Now it's just an empty space with grasses and bushes growing together with a few remains of the workshop. I've been eyeing at this place for some time for a photoshoot session. Now I have finally got the chance to do so.

Few of my faves below:

p/s: I couldn't go on doing a photoshoot alone anymore since I am always in need of an assistant to hold the reflector for me.

More pictures here.

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