irksome perceptions

5:33 PM

It often happens when one is being polite and nice to the opposite gender and he/she took it wrongly. 
It often happens when one is close to the opposite gender and people took it wrongly. 

Yeah, part of the story of my life.

To the opposite gender, 
when I'm being nice and polite to you, doesn't mean I like-like a.k.a have feelings for you.
I'm being nice to you because I appreciate your existence as a human being.
Would you rather have me being rude to you?
I think not.

To the people out there,
a boy and a girl can be close friends and not have anything romantic going on.
Most guys that I'm close to are friend-zoned and I treat them like brothers.
I know most people think that a boy and a girl who have been close friends for a long time will eventually end up being a couple.
While there are some cases where this does happen, not all will experience it.
Stop generalizing everything you see in movies and stop applying it to real life.
I've been close friends with this guy since primary school and I don't think I can see him as a love interest.
Same goes to my other guyfriends that I'm close to.
I appreciate the friendships that I have with them.
I'm not going to ruin it.

Oh Starbuck's cheese cake, I miss you.

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