The 2-week-SM Sains Sabah experience

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Stepping into the school, we waited outside of the office for the school administration to entertain us. The school has been informed earlier by the faculty regarding our task so I guess it's not really shocking to them for us to be there right in front of the school's main office. Phew~

The 1st day was nerve-wrecking. We did not know any of the teachers there yet...except for the 2 of our Cohort 4 seniors who just got posted there. But after two weeks, after interviewing most of the teachers there for our ROS report, I don't feel intimidated to approach the teachers anymore. Well, at least in asking them information regarding the school. The one easy going type of teacher there was the head of The Language Department, Mr. Zailani. He's kind of funny. Haha.

My mentor was Madam Dayang. When I knew that I was assigned to a person that I don't even know, I was quite nervous to approach her. But after a few days, the intimidation almost disappeared. Plus, she's very cooperative and she even gave us some inspirational advice to prepare ourselves for the real teaching world. I observed and entered 4 of her classes. She's very kind to the students. She doesn't treat the students like she's the boss of them. Her way of talking to the students was gentle but with clear voice projection. Her character as a teacher diminished my notion that all teachers are always busy with their own things and do not care about the students welfare. It's probably because the school is a residential school, the need to care for the students and to treat them like a family is essential as the students do not have the opportunity to go back home that often. In other words, homesickness among the students is expected.

Not only Madam Dayang who had taught me a few things but Miss Noor Azlina (or she would like to be called Sis or Elin), one of our Cohort 4 seniors, had also taught & advised us regarding the life in UiTM Shha Alam and her experience as a new teacher. Mind you, she received a Vice Chancellor Award in UiTM Shah Alam. What an inspiration she is!

It was quite funny when the students refer to Jacinta and me as 'puan' while greeting us. That means, we look mature! Hahahaha~~~~ I entered 3 relief classes. I had to enter two of the classes at the same time. Which means I needed to go back and forth between the two classes. My story of entering the relief classes wasn't as exciting as Akmar & Jacinta's relief classes though. They got the hyperactive classes.

One more thing...the perks of being a teacher is that I can go to the canteen and take my meal whenever I want! Ngiahahaha~~~!!! xDD

read the signboard

my mentor, Madam Dayang.
She's a lovely teacher & motherly as well.

Picture session with the students of 2 Alpha.
I've never entered their class but Jacinta & Akmar did but just for relief classes & observation.

2 of our Cohort 4 seniors (Elin & Dzul) were posted to SM Sains Sabah in late January this year.
They also happen to be Akmar & Jacinta's mentors.
We were glad that we had someone familiar to show us around and had lunch with us.

The task doesn't end here.
I have two weeks plus to complete the ROS report & observation form.
The 3rd semester hasn't even started and I already have assignments to do~

p/s: I have 16 days to go before I leave Sabah for UiTM Shah Alam.

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