A very special Relationship

11:08 PM

Feeling 'close' to God isn't enough. Building a relationship with Him is the most important part. This is one of my thoughts this week. Here is my illustration on feeling 'close' to God. Imagine you and a person, a new acquaintance perhaps, both of you are just sitting side by side, physically close but are not making any contact. No communication taking place. You try to read her by her appearance and such. But that is not enough to know a person better or building a relationship with her. People may go to church, read the Bible, or be with a community of Christians but still do not have a personal relationship with God. They are just somewhat feel 'physically close' to God but are not building a personal relationship with Him spiritually. 

An illustration that I can give in building a relationship with God is the same as like we want to build a deeper relationship with our partner. As a partner, off course we would have the desire to talk to that person everyday, tell him/her what is happening in our lives, meeting up with him/her, thinking about him/her everyday, expects him/her to be there for you all the time, to feel his/her presence, and expects him/her to forgive us everytime we've done something wrong towards him/her. But off course our significant other is only a human that has weaknesses and won't be able to provide what God can provide for us. 

Off course going to church, reading the Bible and be with a community of Christians are the experiences of a person that builds a personal relationship with God but to have a personal relationship with God is to really know what God wants in your life, to think about Him everyday, to know Him through reading the Bible, to pray to Him daily, talk to Him with your own words, longing for His voice and presence and tell Him what you went through today. It doesn't matter whether you went through joy or pain, God is always there to listen to you. Don't just ask for something from God but tell Him something regarding your life and how thankful you are to God for your day. Off course God knows what is happening in our lives but He wants us to communicate with Him more. He is faithful. Always faithful and forgives us everytime we sin. 

“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any better than sticking your head in an oven would make you a biscuit. It’s all about actively pursuing a relationship with the resurrected Lord. THAT will transform your life.” - Pastor Joby, Beach United Methodist Church

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