Retaking Mandarin

11:59 AM

I think the most talked about topic before we officially enter the 3rd semester in UiTM Shah Alam this March is our chosen third language. As you all might have guessed, I choose Mandarin as my third language because I already have a few basics in Mandarin. After 8 years of not exploring the Mandarin language, I've been given an opportunity to explore it once again for three semesters. Besides, I've always wanted to polish my Mandarin. I've checked UiTM's past year questions for Mandarin language and from the exam papers, they do not focus on the Chinese characters but instead they focus on Mandarin phonetics. Eventhough I have the basics, especially after not touching on Mandarin for a long period of time, I still lack a few knowledge in few of the terms in Mandarin. Well, I guess it's going to be a new experience & new knowledge for me in a new place~ :D

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