Not important

10:58 PM

Peers around my age are so excited in talking about marriage and such. I'm happy for them. But for me, I feel contented in being single. When people start match making me with other people, it just annoys me. What more if people start match making me with guys that are from faiths that are other than mine. Even if I'm going to be in a relationship someday, I don't want to have a relationship that contradicts The Bible's teachings. If you want to love me & be with me, you have to love Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior too...not just professing yourself as a Christian but you're not even living your life right as a Christian. Yes, I'm very picky.

Lately, I tend to try not to be involved in a conversation about boyfriends, marriage and relationships. I had once thought of not getting married at all.... I even told my parents that I have no intentions of getting married. They disagreed. But I guess it's just too early for me to make that kind of decision. Boyfriends and marriage, are not really in my head right now and it's not really in my list of topic conversation. Maybe in the future (probably somewhere in this year or the next few years - who knows, anything can happen), when I least expect it, a guy will soon appear in my life and is interested in having a Christ-centered relationship with me. I will consider that as a gift from God. But for now, it is in the least of my importance. Like I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, my relationship with God and my student life are the things that matter most right now.

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