Forever 21...for 366 days.... xD

8:48 PM

12th January marks the day that I add another number to my age.
I realize that I'm getting older.
Suddenly I don't have the excitement to celebrate or feel anything new.
The excitement only lasted until I turned 20 last year.
Maybe I'll feel the excitement again when I turn 30. Haha~
However, I first thank God when the clock striked 12 a.m last night.
Well, getting old is inevitable for every human being.
But what I know is that, I have a new responsibility. 
That is the responsibility to vote! Haha! xD

Celebrated with my colleague, Afiq. 
We were both born on the same day.
The cake was a surprise from my friends.
We were studying for 'Literature in Malaysian Schools' in Damai's Yoyo Cafe.
It's our exam paper for the next day.
Celebrating while studying. xD

Jyeah. xD

Thanks to all who wished me Happy Birthday~! :D

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