End of semester 2 exam & goodbye IPG Gaya~!

9:49 PM

Yesterday marked the last day for us to sit for our exam. Right after the last paper, we went to greet the lecturers that had thought us in the previous years. So far, the comments from the lecturers were positive regarding our marks for this semester's examination. Though I have a feeling that I will get a disappointing pointer for this semester. The feeling is triggered due to the the last paper, Structure of English. It somehow killed my confidence and mood. It was indeed the hardest paper among all of the others. However, I did study for it. I put my effort in each of the subjects. All I can do now is pray.

After saying our final goodbyes to the lecturers, we had a meeting with the the Cohort 5 seniors who are now in their 8th and final semester. Their group also did a twinning program with UiTM Shah Alam. They had provided us with a few advice and guidelines in surviving a university life. Thank you, seniors! We have been told from the beginning that IPG Gaya culture and UiTM Shah Alam culture are both different. That is in terms of relationship with the lecturers, the dress code, independence and so on. I guess I have to experience it first in order to adapt myself there. I'm prepared to experience culture shock and at the same time I am also ready to adapt to the culture there. Experiencing culture shock is normal when we're in a new place.

In occasion for our last day of being together in Sabah, before each of us go back to our respective hometowns, the whole class (except for two) had a dinner gathering at Jesselton Point. The next day, my friends and I went to Taman Pertanian Sabah at Tenom. The last time I went there was when I was 11 years old. After 10 years, I stepped foot in that place again. I only slightly remembered few of the the things from my visit there 10 years ago.

Before entering... (Ajit as the photographer)

 We rode a bicycle (RM3 per hour) so that we don't have to be tired of walking. 
But the seat of the bicycle wasn't even comfortable. =.=" Caused me butt cramps.
Good exercise though. :D

Group photo after dinner at Jesselton Point. 
(Love this pic so much! It's officially my desktop wallpaper. woop2~!)

Hanging out at Tanjung Aru

I have exactly 45 days to go before I officially leave Sabah for UiTM Shah Alam. But in between those 45 days, we'll be having a school observation for 'Field Experience' course which is offered to us in semester 3 before we enter semester 3 in our respective hometowns. Our school observation will be held for two weeks (6th February - 17th February). I was assigned by two of the UiTM Shah Alam lecturers [who came to IPG Gaya last week to give a briefing regarding our 'Field Experience' observation] to observe SM Sains Sabah together with Jacinta & Akmar. Not much of a 45 day holiday here but whether we like it or not, we just have to go through with it with an open heart. It's for the sake of our future. [How cliche is that? haha... But it's true.]

P/s: I'll miss IPG Gaya and the people there. And also I will miss Gaya Christian Fellowship. Good bye IPG Gaya and friends... See you all again in two years!

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