The will of God

12:20 AM

When I'm being placed in a situation that I least expect,  I would thought 'why would God let this happen' or 'why would God put me in this situation?' or 'What does God want?' I admit that it hurt me for a second to think of the situation. It had even made me worry and cry. I would pray to God immediately so that He'll let the pain go away. I know that whenever I ask God for peace, He'll give me the peace that I wanted. But that doesn't mean the situation will disappear. It just goes to show that I need Him more. A reliance on Him. God placed me in certain situations for a purpose and after praying for some time, I finally see that the situations that I'm being placed in does have a purpose. Praise to Him~!

Sometimes we ignore what God is trying to tell us and blame Him for everything. God spoke to us, but we were the ones who didn't listen. It shouldn't be that way. 

When unwanted situations fall upon us, don't run away from God or blame Him for the things that happened. Instead He understands what we are going through and only trough Him that we can gain peace & strength. God has better plans for us than we have for ourselves.

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." - Jeremiah 29:11

God has really put me in a situation that I don't want to be in right now. But I shall not complain. It does not make my faith towards Him fade away but instead it grows stronger. If my faith towards God fades, then Satan would be happy & laughing. I must not let Satan win, but let God win! Hallelujah amen~!

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