What's in a name?

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It is fascinating how a name that you were used to be called before now doesn’t seem to bare any significance. Before I was 16, the name ‘Zell’ never existed. The name was never synonymous to me. I was referred to as ‘Kristin’ (which is my middle name) or the shorter version, ‘Kris’. So, how did people go on to calling me ‘Zell’ instead of ‘Kristin’?

Once upon a time...

When I was in Form 4, 16 years old, I transferred from a science streamed class to an arts streamed class. I was the ‘new kid’ in class. So, starting from there, I made new friends. I sat beside a girl named Marlia. From then on, our friendship bloomed.

It was in the afternoon, we just finished our class and we sat under the ‘pondok cendawan’ in the school compound. I was waiting for my dad to pick me up. We chatted about random things and then suddenly the mention of my name came up. In that class, people start calling me by my first name which is ‘Auzellea’. It has been always a hard name to pronounce. I wouldn’t get away without repeating it at least twice to a person that I have just met. It is also tongue-twisting. I think that was why my kindergarten teacher decided to call me ‘Kristin’ instead of ‘Auzellea’ and from then on everyone started to call me ‘Kristin’. But after 10 years or so, things changed after my friend, Marlia, experimented with my first name and tried to shorten it. Finally, the name ‘Zell’ popped up from her head. She has an interest in inventing unique names (her currently one month old baby's name is 'Dearevanney Fhyorie Ep Felonyiuse', see how unique the name is???) and my name ‘Zell’ was invented by her.

The people in my class started calling me ‘Zell’ and from then on, ‘Zell’ is who I am. I told everyone to call me ‘Zell’ instead of ‘Kris’ by one excuse - I told them that ‘Kris’ or ‘Kristin’ is too common (trust me, by now I have met many  Chris, Kris and Kristins(or Christines)). Ya, that was my excuse. LOL. But some just preferred to keep calling me ‘Kris’ or ‘Kristin’. I don’t have the right to force them anyway so I just let them be.

Currently, I’m not used to people calling me ‘Kristin’ or ‘Kris’ or anymore. Whenever I meet up with old friends and they call me ‘Kristin’ or ‘Kris’, I’d always think that ‘Hey, that was what people used to call me.’ and at the same time it felt awkward. I didn’t even respond when they called my ‘Kristin’. They shouted ‘Zell’ then only I responded. It’s kind of funny actually. Haha.

So, thanks to Marlia...I am called as ‘Zell’ since 2007. xD

O ya, I did a photoshoot with her December last year.

A picture of us in middle of 2009.
Myself (3kg heavier)with Marlia (middle) & Maria ( right). 
Both of them already have a child of their own.
I miss them.

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