it's up to Him

7:40 PM

I'm single for almost three years now. I did pray to God to meet me up with a descent Christian guy. I've been praying for that for quite some time now. Sometimes the idea of being in a relationship again does excite me. But after a discussion with my cousin and read a book called 'Dating & Waiting', it's time for me to stop praying for that and really start focusing on my relationship with God. I came to a realization that I should be focusing on God and live according to His will rather than using God to meet my selfish desires. I'm not saying that praying to God for a future husband/wife is wrong, but for me, personally, right now, it is not a matter of being single or being in a relationship with a guy, but it is time for me to really focus on my relationship with God - not thinking about boyfriends and such. Off course God wants us to be with a person that we have affectionate feelings for, after all, marriage is a gift from God. But in my case, it is all up to Him. If God wants me to be single all of my life, then single will I be. If God has prepared someone out there for me, then that guy will come in time that God chooses. All I have to do now, is make God number 1 in my life. Make Him my main focus. I will definitely feel sad if I feel God is far away from me but I don't feel alone or lonely without a boyfriend. I'm content with it. I have friends and family all around me. More importantly, God is with me. Why should I worry? =)

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