"Switched at Birth"

1:12 AM

The show airs in Star World, Astro's channel 711 at 8pm on every Thursday & Friday.  I've been following the series since the beginning of the semester holiday. The show depicts two teenage girls who were switched at birth and one of them is deaf. I think this is the only show that focuses on the issues that covers deaf people and also people who got switched at birth. One of the most interesting things in the show is that two of the cast members are partially deaf & totally deaf not only in the show but also in real life. It just goes to show that deaf people are as talented as hearing people! While watching the show, I get to learn American Sign Language (ASL). For the time being, I know only know how to say 'thank you' and 'father' in ASL. I hope I can learn sentences in ASL. It's just for fun...hehe....

I remembered I used to see deaf people at Centre Point every Sunday. From afar, I was wondering why they were using so many hand gestures. As I got closer, they were communicating in sign language. I don't see them hanging out at CP anymore though. I still spot deaf people walking around in different places in  KK other than CP. Their perspective of the world is different than that of the hearing people. I sometimes wonder what it feels like to not be able to hear anything at all. But don't be fooled, some deaf people are more talented & intelligent than hearing people! Like the famous Ludwig van Beethoven. Even after being pronounced deaf in his twenties, he still continued composing music.

One fact about me: 

I sometimes couldn't hear the exact words that people say, I just hear sounds but not the words, eventhough they are at a near distance to me.  (I know this will happen when we are already considered middle aged, but I'm only in my early twenties~! But there are cases where hearing deterioration starts to happen as early as in our twenties - again, like Ludwig van Beethoven) I think it's one of my annoying characteristics. I would ask them to repeat what they said and in the end I feel bad about asking them to repeat over and over again. Luckily this does not happen often in face-to-face communication. But over the phone, it often happens. That is why...I prefer SMSes than calls. I wouldn't get away without saying 'hah??? hah??? apa???' everytime I'm in a conversation with someone over the phone. The volume was already loud enough but I still couldn't hear some of the words. I don't know whether it's just the ear wax that are clogging up in my ears (though I do clean it up everytime) or there is really something wrong with the internal part of my ears. I'm planning to go for a check up. I hope it's just the ear wax. 

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