The inspiring story of Job

1:16 AM

I've just finished reading The Book of Job from the Old Testament. The Qur'an also has a story depicting Job's (Ayyub) trial & patience. 

Job was a humble servant of God and lived prosperously. Until one day, God gave Satan permission to test Job's righteousness.  All of Job's possessions were destroyed. At first he was still faithful to God even after of all the bad luck that had befallen him. But after Satan smites him with dreadful boils, his wife, suggested that he should curse God and die but he refused to do what his wife said. For 7 days, he was silent while his friends were together with him without saying anything as they know that Job was in pain and suffering. At last, he broke his silence and started to curse the day he was born and started to curse God and question Him. His friends tried to comfort him but to no avail, he still continued to curse and question God. In the end, God spoke to Job by saying there are many things in this world that a mere human like Job couldn't understand and God creates the things in this world with His power that no one else can. Job finally understood and turned back to God again. God even made him prosperous again.

Job's life story is very inspiring to me and it is one of my favourite stories in the Bible. I can relate it with my life. It is a human reality that as we experience calamities or tribulations, we tend to question God's will for us and why He did let us suffer, just like what Job did. As arrogant humans, we want God to provide us everything that we want, expect God to follow our  desires, want God to serve us rather than for us to serve God. But in the end, as God says in Isaiah 55:8, "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways are My ways," declares th Lord. God loves us all the same, the blessings and trials that he gave to us are all for our own good. Most of the time, Satan is there to make us turn away from God when unwanted things happen to us. As servants and children of God, there is nothing we can do to stop God from doing what He is doing. All we can do is, at least for me, is to pray for strength, perseverence and continue to have fellowship with God because in Him, there is peace.

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