Looking back

9:18 PM

So I guess everyone is in the process of accepting and getting used to the new Facebook interface. I tried to change my Facebook to the new interface 2 months ago, but it didn't seem to work. Anyway, I personally think it's cool! As long as I can still maintain my privacy settings, then it will be alright. Apart from the cover, which you can customize by choosing a picture from your album or upload it from your  computer, the fascinating thing about the new timeline is I get to read my past statuses starting from 2008, it was when I first created my Facebook account. 

Reading my statuses in 2009, I feel like I wanna tell myself in 2009 - "Dear Zell of 2009, your statuses are very annoying and you are embarrassing yourself. Please go hide your head under the ground like the ostriches you immature brat! Oh ya, can I give you a slap in the face?" I was face-palming through out reading my 2009 FB statuses. Well, at that time, I was recovering from a heartbreak. But if I was the person that I am now, expressing your sadness  over and over again regarding the same thing in Facebook is really unnecessary. Once is enough. Don't have to be an attention seeker. Come on lahhhhhh............ Furthermore, I used to curse and swear a lot in my statuses. The Zell in 2011 would like to say this to the Zell in 2009 - "Wow, jd ko fkr ko hebat la tu memaki di FB?" ==" Another reason why I was constantly face-palming while reading my past statuses. As I progressed from reading my statuses from 2009 to 2011, the statuses sounded less depressing, embarrassing & immature. Few of my past statuses are even  opposing to my current views regarding certain things. Other than that, they progressed from a lot of swearing & cursing to no swearing & cursing. I've changed from someone negative to someone positive as it shows in my FB statuses. Yeay me~! ^_^ As I have stated in one of my previous posts, I don't like who I was. Not proud of it. I'm glad I chose to go towards the light than the dark. Amen to that~!

Now, regarding the cover pic, why do I choose that particular picture? It is because it's my favourite. What is it you may ask? It's Upperstar's very own lamb chop with fries & salad. I've not eaten it in 2 months. I miss chewing it. I miss the scent of it. I miss the taste of it. Now that I'm broke, I can't really go to any fancy restaurant to eat. I'm really hoping my parents would bring the whole family to Upperstar. I've been telling them over and over to go there. Haha.

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