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9:47 PM

I’m back from my dad’s hometown in Kg. Bonduk, Matunggong, Kudat (2-3 hours from KK). I was there to help my dad work at the paddy field. My job was to cut the grasses that were surrounding the paddy. The paddies are still young and they need all the nutrients that they can get. They were just recently planted by the way. It was planted on the land that was given to my dad by my late grandfather. Other than paddies, corns are also being planted on that land.  My dad goes back there every month to check on his field and probably clean it up a little. I’m on my holiday and I have not experienced anything exciting since the beginning of the holiday – besides studying (you call that exciting?!).

My experience in working at the paddy field was something new. I never worked in a paddy field before. What a noob. Haha. I’m currently having muscle cramps from the cutting and squatting while cutting the grass. Other than that, mosquitoes were everywhere. They’ll surround you and fly all around you just to get on your skin and suck your blood. It was indeed irritating because they will keep on disturbing you from your work. Fortunately my dad had an idea to prevent the mosquitoes from biting my face (other parts of my body were covered). I had to apply Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) on my face. The thickness of the oil prevents the mosquitos’ mouth from puncturing through our skin. Trust me, it works!

Aside from working in the field, like I have mentioned before, I really like living in a kampung-ish atmosphere. It’s quite, calm, simple & full of trees. That’s the other reason why I wanted to go back to my dad’s hometown for awhile. Mau kahwin org kampung la klu gini. Kidding! xD (But who knows right.....@_@). But one thing that made me feel bummed up while staying there was the slow internet connection via DiGi broadband. Oh well, at least I can access the net eventhough it’s slowwwww...... Nothing much I can do though.

I’ll be going back there again for our Christmas family gathering!

The field

Posing siuk sndri...xD


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