A reflection from a conversation

8:55 PM

This was something from a conversation that my cousin and I had.

He & his girlfriend are both God-loving & God-fearing Christians. But lately his girlfriend depended too much on him for attention. He said it's normal for us to want attention from our significant other, but not up until the point where we regard that person as our god. He did not mean giving that person a divine quality, but what he meant was to only see that person as your whole world, like other things don't matter - like God alone doesn't matter and rely on the person for comfort & peace. Only God can provide that. Other than that, it shouldn't be up until the point where we totally forget about God and not giving any attention to God when we are in a relationship. For all we know, God is the one who sets us up with our other half. His view really amazes me. He always puts God first. He loves his girlfriend, but he loves God more until he confronted his girlfriend not to rely on him too much and advised her not to regard him as a god. Sounded extreme huh? But it's true.

The conversation is set as a reminder for me that if one day, when I have a boyfriend, never make him as a god. I remembered in my past relationships, I relied on my boyfriends too much. It didn't give me any peace. I'm glad that I had this conversation with my cousin. It acts as a guideline for me in my future relationships - if I have any. ;)

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