Not long now

11:38 PM

I have 1 week left of holiday and then it'll be EXAM. My first paper will be on the 4th of January. My last paper will be on the 19th of January. The anxiety finally starts creeping in this week even though I have a few more topics to cover. Due to the fact that exam starts next week, I'm not able to go back to Kudat for my fraternal family's Christmas gathering. Guess I'm skipping it again this year. They're going to stay there for 4 days and by looking at the situation, I don't have 4 days to waste. The exam must come first. I think I'll be able to finish the important & hard subjects before next week starts. There are a few things that are playing in my head right now. I just have to trust God in everything. I think this is my first experience where I think too much of other people rather than thinking of myself. I don't know it could be stressful. 

Bought these two at a 50% discounted price at One Place Mall, Putatan.
My black sling bag that I own for 2 years is not really pretty looking anymore. Kuyak sana, kuyak sini.
But it has served me well.
I have the pink pastel coloured bag (left) to replace it while the white bag pack is for me to bring to lectures.
I've always wanted a bag like the white one. :)

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