A blessed 2011 & Halleluyah for 2012!!!

11:00 PM

2011 has been nothing but a GREAT year for me! Praise the Lord! Through out the blessings and the trials, God has led me through it and I thank Him for making me who I am today. 

I rededicated my life to Christ & was 'born again'  back in August 2010. Many people might have noticed this significant change in me. Some people who knew me before August of 2010 might be shocked or skeptical of this personal transition of mine because the life that I lived before doesn't really glorify God. I drank, smoked & engaged in other worldly pleasures <---- confession time!!! xD But all of that are now in the past.

I have experienced many things in this year that served as a challenge for me. At a glance, off course there were certain situations that made me vulnerable and wanted to give up. But with constant prayer & with the help from God, I went through with it. The LORD had said in 2 Corinthians 12:9, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness." Praise the LORD! Now, my love for God is stronger than ever! So what if I'm being laughed at for my passion in Christ. My aim is to please the LORD, not humans. He is worthy of my love because He has loved me first and has died for my sins on the cross 2000 years ago. Saya tidak akan mensia-siakan pengorbanan-Nya di atas kayu salib! His sacrifice was for the sake of His love for humankind including ME. Through out this year, I know that Christ has transformed me to the person that He wants me to be. That is why I said that 2011 has been a GREAT year for me. His spirit lives in me. His words transformed me. There is nothing that this world offers that can make me leave Him. Not even worldly rewards and worldly pleasures. NOTHING. 

One of my resolutions for 2012, well, it's not really a new resolution but let it be my main purpose for living - deepen my personal relationship with my LORD Savior. That's my MAIN FOCUS. Other things including...be more critical in my assignments & studies (as a student, off course this is essential), shop less for unnecessary clothes (save money), read more books (either purchased or borrowed). Well, these aren't really new resolutions but they are a set of things that I should take account of if I want to be a productive student & be more manageable in finance.

2012 is definitely another year for new experiences and definitely a new journey in my walk with Christ - my one & only Savior. I know that there are many trials ahead for this year in 2012 as I'll be in a new place, but I'm not afraid for God is my fortress. Haleluyah!!! Amen!!!

May God bless us all in the years to come~!!!

My first status in 2011 was the result of my orientation experience in UiTM KK.

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