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I have always been concerned about my hair. If you look at my younger photos, my style of hair have always looked...awkward. I have naturally wavy hair - not curly, but wavy. Curly hair has more tight spiral like curls while wavy hair has just a hint of curl. It took me years to finally learned to embrace this type of hair. In the past, I always liked having a tomboyish haircut. I was lazy to tie them up every morning before going to school, therefore, I resorted to having a tomboyish haircut or just where the length of the hair is not long enough to be tied up. The only time I achieved a long length of hair was when I was in Form 4. I let it grew long starting in Form 2 because my ex told me too. [GF yg baik baa ni...hahahha...xDD] I noticed that having short hair is not really appropriate for my type of hair because somehow it will always look unsymmetrical in some ways. Wavy hair looks prettier when it's longer. 

Of all the years of not embracing the waviness of my hair, I'd always go to the saloon and get it straighten. First few months, it looks pretty. But after a long, long time, the waviness of my hair would start to emerge from the scalp and sooner or later it'll look apparent. So, having wavy strands of hair growing from my scalp and having straight hair  at the other end will make my hair look untidy especially when I let my hair go. People will also notice that I don't have naturally straight hair. But then if it's the other way around, people will not really notice it. Agree? Finally, I couldn't stand the non-complementary structure of my hair so I went to the saloon, permed it and got rid of the straight ends of my hair. At least now, the wavy strands of hair growing from my scalp complements the permed ends of my hair. No more hair straightening again after this. 

November 2011 & April 2011

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