Dad's little reunion night

11:09 PM

After 30 years of not seeing each other, my dad's friend from Sarawak came to KK. They'd known each other during their younger days in UiTM Shah Alam about 30 years ago. Tonight was their little reunion night. My dad brought the whole family for steamboat at Windbell Seafood Restaurant located at 3rd Beach Tanjung Aru! My cravings for steamboat has finally come to an end. It's the food that I've been wanting since 3-4 months ago. Haha~! The good thing about the restaurant is that it's free flow!!! But be careful as you don't want to waste all the food after taking loads of them and not be able to finish - just like what we did. Heheh... ^_^" 


That is a lot. And that was before the 2nd round. haha

My parents and my dad's friend (left) with his wife

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