Christmas time is here~~

5:54 PM

So the family tradition continues... I remembered when I was little, I used to receive toy cooking sets for Christmas. Now, I’ll receive gifts like perfumes, face wash, lip gloss & any other products that are for women. My maternal family is getting larger & expanding as nieces and nephews are being born. In the past, my cousins, my brothers and I would be the ones who would run around & make noises inside my grandma’s house and just being the little kids that we were. Now, I have naughty little nephews that would make the noises. They can be quite annoying and funny sometimes by the way. Well, I guess they’re just being kids.

Lunch time~~

Potong kek Krismas!!!

Hanging out in the living room..

3 generations in 1 picture.. xD

The gifts that I received. I also received an extra amount of cash.
Perfect timing since the allowance will not be out anytime soon

Noel making faces!!

with the LOUD Ezra. 

Too bad my dad couldn't join us this year. He was assigned to preach at a church called BCCM's somewhere near Long Pah Sia. But no matter, there will be another second Christmas gathering in Kudat with my fraternal family.  

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