Youtube famous

2:08 AM

I realized that nowadays people wanna be youtube famous. Their talents are discovered in youtube. Some just stayed being youtube famous but still...they are very talented. Some were discovered and became famous world wide and produced an album! For example, Justin Bieber, Greyson Chance, Cody Simpson, Savannah Outen and etc. I bet there are more but these are the few young artists that I know that were discovered through youtube. They are called the 'youtube generation'. There is no doubt that all of them are very talented!

Other than 'singing', youtube famous people are also the people who talks about random things in videos.

One youtube channel that I currently subscribe to is nigahiga. He rants on current issues but makes it funny. I like comedy. One feature of him that nobody (I think) in youtube has is that he can talk very fast. I know he mixes up his words sometimes [because I saw his bloopers] because he talks super duper fast! Luckily his words were still clear. I know he doesn't really talk that fast in real life, it was somehow used as a comic relief for him in his videos. Other than that, he sometimes talk about illogical and irrational things [in a comedic way, not in a psychopathic way.] He also rants on things that are somewhat true and makes them funny at the same time. Watch his videos and you'll know what I mean.

This video made me LOL-ed hard:

Nigahiga is from the U.S. Does Malaysia have something similar? YES! I introduce you.....matluthfi90. I just discovered him a few minutes ago and he is doing a good job! It's good to see local videos that rants on the local context which you can relate to. It is indeed funny!!! Nothing serious or sensitive though. However, if you don't understand Kedahan dialect and slang, you would probably have some problems understanding some of his words. 

Take a look at his video below:

If you can't take a joke, then don't bother watching them because some of the things that they rant about might be opposing to your thoughts even though they are presented in a funny way.

Their videos are somewhat my getaway when I'm stressed out and bored. As the saying, LAUGH, love.

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