Things-to-do in 2012

6:22 PM

It's 1 month more until 2012 arrive. I already have a few things in my head regarding my life in 2012. 

Here is the list:

1. Shop less for unnecessary clothes. 
I'd been shopping a lot for clothes in this second half of the year and it left me totally broke this holiday.

2. Learn to play the keyboard. 
I'm borrowing my bro's keyboard at the moment. At least learn to change the chords quickly and smoothly.

3. Finish my novel and get it published.
I've started and it's currently 5 pages long (LOL). I need inspiration. I tell you, it is not easy.

4. Keep longer hair.
I've never had longer hair before.

5. Read more books.
I'm thinking of reading memoirs.

“Many candles can be kindled from one candle without diminishing it.” - The Midrash

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