7:25 PM

Around 10 years ago, before Myspace, Friendster, Facebook or any social networking websites existed and became the medium for people to get to know other people from other countries, I myself was involved in having penpals. I got to know them through a website that promotes friendship from all over the world. We constantly communicated through letters. Even though e-mails have already existed, I prefer writing letters to them because the feeling of getting letters from friends from different countries was exciting. Besides, no one else would write to me. Haha! We've stopped writing letters to each other probably because we've grown up and the idea of having penpals was a sort of a 'kids' thing. Other than that, Facebook serves as an alternative in making friends from other countries. It's convenient.

I looked through my box of letters (look at the picture above) and read some of the letters that I received 10 years ago. In my mind, I wondered, what if I can find them in Facebook???? They wrote their real name in one of the letters and also their postal address - that is just what I need in looking for long lost penpals in Facebook! I had penpals from U.S.A, Australia and Italy. Guess what? I found 3 of them! In Facebook! I am sure that it's them because of their names and their address that match with the address written on the envelope. It's a good thing that they stated their real address in Facebook and also they use their real names! I've sent a friend request to them together with an introductory message but I don't know whether they'll approve me or not. I guess I'll just have to wait.

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