Of studying 'Ethnic Relations'

12:25 AM

I used to think that the government is unfair for giving more privileges to the Bumiputeras in terms of education, finance and etc. I personally thought that it's discrimination. After studying Ethnic Relations for this semester, I now finally understand that the government is only trying to help the Bumiputeras so that we will not get left behind in terms of economy, politics and social. The Bumiputeras in this country were far left behind (and still are) than their non-Bumiputera counterparts ever since the era of the British colonial rule. Most of them worked and lived in the rural areas. After Federation of Malaya gained independence and Malaysia was formed, the government has done numerous effort to bring the gap in terms of economy between Bumiputeras and non-Bumiputeras close. The non-Bumiputeras have succeeded much in terms of economy and working industry while some Bumiputeras until today are still being left behind. 

While getting much help from the government is beneficial, some of the Bumiputeras took for granted of the privileges and do not want to work hard in succeeding. Some are even boastful just because of the privileges given to them. As a Bumiputera myself, I see the privileges are given to us for us to move forward from what the older generation had left off. It is not to be boasted about and taken for granted. Other than that, from what I can see, the non-Bumiputeras will see the privileges given to the Bumiputeras are somewhat discriminating to their group. I myself, even as a Bumiputera, once had that kind of thought. But come to think of it, they have gained so much even since the era of the British colonial rule and we should learn from them. 

Racial prejudice will tend to be inculcated in certain people of certain groups if the public are not being educated. It's a good thing that my country has 'Ethnic Relations' as one of the courses learned in the tertiary education. 

Just a little bit of reflection from my experience in learning 'Ethnic Relations'. ;) 

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