The Greyson Chance showcase tickets are finally in my hands!!!

4:29 PM

After this happened, I called again the next day and won two tickets! After waiting anxiously for about 2 weeks, I finally got a call from Hitz KK. I had to go to 1Borneo to claim the tickets. Now I know that the station for Hitz KK, Era KK, and MY KK are located at 1Borneo. I almost got lost looking for the entrance to the Hitz KK office. =="

I'm looking forward to his concert this Thursday! His voice is amazing for a 14 year old boy plus, he has inspired me to learn the piano! Heeeeeee~~~~~~~

Proof that I'm not bluffing!

Greyson with the Malaysian flag

Greyson Chance & Najwa Latif

They did a duet during AIM 2011 which got me excited! They sang 'Paparazzi' together.

Watch their performance here (skip to 2:52):

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