Greyson Chance showcase!

12:27 AM

This was my first experience in attending an event like this. Famous celebrity, screaming get the picture. It was exciting to finally see Greyson live! In front of my eyes! I never thought that I would ever attend a showcase of any of my favourite artist. Dreams do come true....^_^

Anyway, other than the excitement, there were few things that I'm not satisfied with. Firstly, the place was hot. I was at the standing section (at the wayyy back). They should have turned on the fan. Yes, there was a fan there that was not turned on for us who were at the standing section! It felt like a sauna in there! I think I burned some fats. LOL. After the showcase ended, I was were my friends! Secondly, standing beside girls who are constantly screaming on top off their lungs really annoyed me (ok, I know in concerts or showcases it's normal to have this kind of thing. I'm just not used to it.). But I had no choice because I can't move to a different spot (it was crowded) therefore, I had to patiently bare with the screaming. I was silent most of the time though...I was enjoying his songs.

My companions to the showcase. My bro is missing from this picture.
This was after the showcase. 
(We were separated during the showcase. Too crowded!)

Greyson on stage. Yes, this is from my camera.

Even though I didn't get to meet Greyson personally and take pictures with him, seeing him perform live is satisfying enough for me. 

Thank you LORD for giving me this chance. ^_^

P/s: 'Greyson' is a unique name. I'm thinking of naming my future son 'Greyson'. x)

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