5:03 PM

When I was little, my parents used to send us to our grandparents (maternal) house whenever they were out somewhere during the night. We used to dislike being taken care of by our grandma. I remembered she used to get angry at us when we were trying to have fun [besala bdk2]. I guess we were being too naughty when we were having fun. Now that I am older and wiser *coughs*, I've learned to respect the elders. My granddad passed away when I was 9 and didn't spend that much time with him. I only had time to spend time with my grandma since the death of my granddad. 

This morning, my mom and I went out shopping with my grandma like we used to for the past few years. Like my dad always say when he knows about our plans, he'll say "The 3 generation women are going shopping today! [sambil senyum2 kambing. lol.]" So, after shopping for some stuff, my mom left my grandma and me at the supermarket. Just the two of us. I helped my grandma with the groceries and read the price tags for her. Walking around with her surely needs some patience because I would walk at a faster pace. This time, I had to walk slower than usual. Kind of awkward actually. But I don't mind because it was my first time walking around buying groceries with her. This was also the time when I spoke no language other than Kadazan to her. Kadazan all the way baybeh~! I have a proficiency level of Band 2 and almost 3 [i guess] when it comes to speaking in Kadazan. I kind of had fun with her even though it was only buying groceries. Haha~! Besides, she's aging. You'll never know know. Better take the chance than regret later. But she's healthy and still going strong!

my grandma & my mum

So, respect your elders. Without them, you'll not even exist~!

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