Tambunan trip~

8:03 PM

Ok, so I think I have ventured to almost all of the places in the western part of Sabah. Therefore, if you look at the map, the shaded region will start from Pitas until Sipitang. Only half of the map will be shaded.

Since it was a one-week holiday, our motive to go there was to go to The Mahua Waterfall. We stayed in a homestay at Kg. Nambayan. It was my first experience staying in a homestay. The house looks like your typical kampung house. The house have had visitors from all over the world including UK, Australia and Japan.

At the waterfall, well, it was none like any other waterfalls that I've been to before. The moment we entered the pathway that led to the waterfall, it was cold as if you were in Kundasang. It was a 500 meter journey. The water was super duper cold~~~~~~~ BRRRRRRRRRR~~~~~~!!!!!!! This what makes Mahua Waterfall different from the other waterfalls that I've been to.

Tugu Peringatan Tambunan

at the homestay...


menahan kesejukan....

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