Random facts about me

9:02 PM

There are few bloggers who did their random facts in their blog and i was inspired to do the same. :p

1. I have dark eye circles that I can't get rid off but can be concealed with a concealer. I look tired and sleepy most of the time even though when i'm not.

2. I used to hate colours that are other than black. 

3. I gain weight easily.

4. I'll be hungry after 6 hours of taking a huge meal. 

5. I have slight tooth overbite and uneven lower teeth. I need braces desperately. 

6. I speak 4 languages. Fluent in Malay, English, Mandarin Chinese. Little bit fluent in Kadazan.

7. All of my teeth-showing smiles in my pictures are unnatural. Including the pic above. x)

8. I'd decided to deactivate my Facebook account before. But important announcements are always being made there. What-a-bummer.

9. I broke my left ankle when I was 7. Couldn't walk properly for 1 week.

10. I injured my right knee and I couldn't use pointy heels anymore. It'll put pressure on my knee. 

11. I used to dislike my naturally wavy hair. Now I'm embracing it.

12. My index finger on my right hand hasn't been fully healed. It has been 4 months plus. Can't do my footwork properly. T_T

13. I don't trust people easily. It's just hard.

14. I love a kampung-ish atmosphere.

15. I dislike listening & hearing to racist statements.

16. I think long furred dogs are superbly adorable! And I have 7 of them at my home! :DDD

17. I don't know how to talk to little children. Haha~

18. I have thin hair.

19. I would love to write and publish my own novel someday.

20. I like to go shopping alone.

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