Kota Kinabalu World Wide photowalk

10:14 PM

The event was inspired by Scott Kelby's world wide photowalk and the event was held not only in Malaysia but all around the world. It was organized by Jackson Photography.

This was the first photography event that I joined together with my friends from college. We started off from Jesselton Point until Sinsuran and back to Jesselton Point again. Our journey took two hours and the weather was hot!

I have to admit that I'm not that good in taking landscape photography and I was unsatisfied with most of the pictures I took during that day. But I'm going to submit at least one picture. Besides, part of the payment for the photo submission is going to be funded to Borneo Child Aid Society. I'm doing something that I love and at the same time I'm giving something for charity.

 Satisfied with this one

Geng photography IPG Gaya...hahhahahha~~~ xDD

With the other KK photographers

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