GCF Farewell gathering

12:43 AM

As some of you all might know by now, I'll be going to UiTM Shah Alam on March next year and will be studying there for two years before going back to IPG Gaya. The gathering was for the Christian students in my class and the Christian seniors of Semester 8. The event was conducted by Gaya Christian Fellowship (GCF), my college's Christian group. It was held at Grace Chapel in Damai, the place where we usually do our Christian fellowship. 

The event started off with a dinner (with a prayer prior to that), moved on to ice breaking, praise and worship, sharing session by Dr. Ng and also sharing session by the sem 8 seniors and us and lastly, performance by the sem 8 seniors and juniors. 

I received a bookmark from GCF and two personal gifts from two of the sem 1 juniors, Demi & Caroline, which are also bookmarks. They're simple...but meaningful.

Receiving the bookmark from our GCF leader, Silven



I'm going to miss them all...

Ice-breaking session

The bookmarks that I received.

From the bottom of my heart, I'm really thankful and touched by the event. Thank you Lord for giving me the chance to serve You in GCF. I'm really going to miss GCF...

Will be joining GCF again in 2014!

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