The chance!!!!!

4:14 PM

As some of you might know...Greyson Chance will be performing in KK on 17th November. 

I was listening to to win passes to go watch Greyson Chance live in KK on the 17th November.
I listened from 10am just to hear the queue to call.
I quickly dialled hitz kk when it was the queue to call (it was around 11.30am-12pm) and Cassey (hitz kk DJ) picked up my call!!!!!
I was thrilled!!!!!!!

So here is how it went:

Cassey: Helllooooo~~~~~!!!!! (a very cheerful ‘hello’ LOL)
Me: Hello....I’m calling for the Greyson Chance tickets.
Cassey: Oh, ok u’r calling for the tickets... What’s your name?
Me: Zell. [and then I quickly mentioned my real name]
Cassey: Ok wait, I’m gonna go get a pen and paper.
[me, waiting]
Cassey: So, what’s your full name? Spell it for me pls.
Me: [spelling my full name carefully. Again, without mentioning my last name]
Cassey: Your full name ba! [she sounded serious. Lol. And then she giggled.]
Me: [quickly responded by spelling my last name]
Cassey: Your I.C number?
Me: [mentions IC number]
Cassey: Ok, your telephone number pls.
Me: [mentions telephone number]
Cassey: Ok, so [my 1st name here, she pronounced it wrongly],
Me: You can just call me Zell lah.
Cassey: Ok, Zell-lah.
Me: =.=”””””””” [*face palm*, I ignored]
Cassey: You have to choose either ‘Greyson’ to grab 1 pair of passes to go watch Greyson Chance live in KK by answering a question about Greyson or  choose ‘Chance’ to mimic a piano tune to win 2 pairs of passes. So, which one do you wanna choose?
Me: I choose Greyson. [Watching him live is exciting enough for me]
Cassey: Ok Zelllah (==)”, wait for 5 seconds ya....
Me: [waited for 5 seconds. I didn’t know what I was waiting for.]
Cassey:  hey there~!
Me: hello~!!!
[then the line got disconnected] *tut-tut-tut*


Moral of the story: Reload your talk time credit before calling a radio station to win passes to a showcase of your favourite celebrity. 

I certainly learned my lesson. It was my first time calling a radio station and it was also my fist time trying my luck to win a chance to go watch a famous celebrity from the U.S (you won't get this chance often when you're staying in KK) I had ALMOST grabbed the chance until the line went tut-tut-tut------

SEDIH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sob* sob*

Good thing I can try calling again throughout this week. All I have to do is listen to hitz kk from 10am-4pm to grab my chance and wait for the queue to call. I have to be fast off course.

p/s: I'm devastated right now.

I got the album. Now I want to go see him perform live!

Listen to his debut single~!

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