Big Book Exhibition 2011!

5:25 PM

The event was held to exhibit our project on Children & Young Adult Literature coursework for this semester. Our hard work finally paid off. It was a 2 week of stress and finally the stress ended today. 

The concept for our assignment was showing the food and the country it is famous for. It is targeted at Primary 6 students and above.

We created a pop up book! As you can see...the picture of the food pops up when you turn to the next page. The book looked simple but we spent 3 days (day & night) working on to complete this thing! There were even complications that we encountered while making this book. But thank God, it went well.

That is the cover for our book. The cover is made of recycled cardboard boxes that Dzul got from Pick n' Pay at Foh Sang. We covered it with a clothe. Now this book is going to be kept in our college's Self-Access Centre and it is there for our juniors to have a look.

That's the activity for our visitors at our both. 
You have to match the pictures of the food with the correct country.

Food-concept twister!!!

Our booth.

These are the food that we have prepared for the winners of the activities.
Croissant and sushi.

Me in an apron! xD

The kindergarteners from Sekolah Tadika IPG Gaya came as well. 

Posing before going back to their kindergarten.

Class picture with Madam Janet Moinin after the exhibition ended.

My group!

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