The joy

4:37 PM

It has been a year since I've accepted Christ into my personal life. I now truly know what it really means to be a Christian and to have a personal relationship with God. There has been ups and downs in my journey into building my relationship with Him. Whatever that has happened before, I'm thankful for it because God has His own ways of building up one's faith. That is what I pray for everyday and this morning's sermon at church made me realize about everything on what is going on. I know that God is working in my life. We have to be thankful all the time and not only during happy times.

I now find joy in being at Christian gatherings be it at church or at college. I used to refuse to join any Christian gatherings before this [haha...pemalas! xD]. I will be sad if I had to miss church on certain Sundays but I'll make way to make time for God because God is always present...not only in church. Always make time for God even in our busiest times. I'm also thankful to God for meeting me up with people that I can share the Gospel with.

Being a Christian is not an easy thing. Being a Christian does not mean we will experience joy everytime but    we will also experience difficult times because as humans, we realize that we are weak and need God all the time. This is what I experience everyday. As a human, it is off course a struggle for me. But I know God will help me to get through it. The more I seek God, the stronger I am. Because He is my strength.

Thank you LORD for Your words today.... :)

"For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength." -Phillipians 4:13

Photo taken at BCCM Sipitang, Mini Youth Camp

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