God-centered relationship

12:05 AM

Here we go again... A post about relationships. 

My parents have told me many times to find a decent Christian guy. They've been asking me this question everytime I come home - "You have a boyfriend already?" It's kind of annoying listening to that question over and over again so I replied with an annoyed tone - "No. Why don't you guys look a guy for me then?" LOL. And then the topic of what type of guy I should go for would usually come up. It's always like that but it's interesting. If my parents do not accept a certain type of guy, then I would not accept him neither. It will usually be in terms of education, family background and beliefs. I'm not trying to please my parents but I agree with their choice. I'll make sure that my parents will know about my boyfriend first before anyone else does. *big smile* But it will be even better if they find one for me...xDD

I am not hurt by the past anymore. But some people think I still am. No I'm not. I'm ready to move on and engage in a new relationship but maybe it's just not the right guy nor the right time and place. 

I want a relationship based on this quote above. :)
Praying for it everyday.

I pray for a guy who is attracted to me for my faith towards Christ and not based on my looks. Other than that, I want both of us to touch each other's hearts, not the body. I also want him to put God first in his life and never make me number one but only make Christ number one in his life.

"A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her."
— Max Lucado

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