Food drama

11:17 PM

              I thought of just staying at the hostel and continue on doing my work. But it seemed highly impossible for me when I’m craving for certain food. I’ve never been so desperate to eat a special kind of food in my whole entire life. I was alone in my dorm, with my laptop in front of my eyes, thinking on how to start off the assignment. Since it’s a public holiday on a Friday, my plan was just to confine myself in my dorm. In the morning, while waiting for my chicken flavoured Maggie instant noodle to softened in my rice cooker, I blog walked through a random KK blogger's site and guess was about food. (@______@) From then on, the mental & emotional drama started to happen. The first thing that popped in my mind was steamboat (@____@). I haven’t had that in a while. The last time I had it was last year. The 2nd food that popped in my mind was lamb chop (@____@). But off course, I had it about  1 month ago. The 3rd food that was on my mind was sushi (@_______@).

                Therefore, I posted a status on my Facebook about how desperately I wanted to eat those three delicious types of food. I thought of bringing some company to go and eat. Then, one of my juniors commented. She said she wanted to go. I thought ‘Aha! A companion!’ I was hoping that she was serious and chatted with her. She didn’t reply my chat after a few exchange of words, I was so devastated. I thought to myself ‘Pls reply my chat....I wanna eat!!!!’ desperately. Then after a few minutes of not replying (probably something was wrong with the internet connection or something), I called her up. (See how desperate I was??? O_o). After discussing on the phone, she replied my chat to answer the delayed question. She said she couldn’t go due to financial restrictions. Oh well...can’t force her.  

                After that, another junior commented on my status. He said he wanted to go. We discussed via FB chat. Firstly we planned to go for steamboat at 1Borneo. But then we thought of transportation problems during the night (we planned it when it was almost 4pm) plus it is far from our college. After both agreeing to the time for us to meet up, I jumped off my seat, grabbed my towel and headed for the shower. What was in my head while I was in the shower? Yes, it was foooood......@______@. During our journey, we planned just to eat at Sushi King in Warisan Square! I went there during October last year. At least I get to eat the 3rd food that I was craving for~! Weehee~! And also, this was my first outing with the TESL juniors – Alistair and Wong.

               I think all this 'drama' happened because of my monthly cycle...'it' is coming....@_____@. During times like these, food will be my guilty pleasure. But thank goodness there is this activity that we call EXERCISE! I have to maintain my weight.

I couldn’t eat steamboat this time but I’m planning to eat it with some of my classmates anytime soon. :DDD


 Yes, all of those are mine. Wahaha~ *joke*
Only the 3 plates filled with sushi, the glass with the straw and the bowl in front of me are mine.

I forgot the name but it's delicious!

We went to watch The Smurfs after that. The smurfin' smurf song was stuck in my smurfin' head for a few smurfin' moment after the movie ended. And I suddenly feel like want to own Smurf toy dolls. (@__@)

p/s: I thought of bringing my whole family to eat at Upperstar and it will be my treat! Not at Sushi King though because my dad dislikes sushi. 

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