Cousin's wedding

7:42 PM

It has been a while since I went back to the northern part of Sabah. It's not in Kudat this time. This time it was in Pitas. My 1st time stepping on the land of Pitas and also Kota Marudu. I was there for my cousin's (the bride) wedding. Pitas is the bride and groom's place while Kota Marudu was the place where the marriage ceremony took place. It's 1 hour away from the Pitas home. 

 Cute aint it?

 At St. Theresa, Kota Marudu

 Thanking the Lord before om nom noms... 
(at Pitas, wedding reception in the 'binatang' a.k.a Rungus traditional house)

cake~ =)

I love going on long journeys. I also love the experience of living in a kampung. I guess I would not mind if I get posted to the interior for teaching after I graduated. New experience is always good. Besides, I've been living in the city for too long. 

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