Back to SJK (C) Hwa Shiong~!

7:20 PM

After leaving the school for almost 8 years... I'm stepping on the grounds of SJK (C) Hwa Shiong again not as a student nor a teacher [yet] but as a trainee teacher/observer. Yes, it was for our English language teaching assignment, one of our methodology courses. I was there observing with my fellow classmate, Mus. We were instructed to observe one English class and write a report on it. In our case, we entered two English classes. The school senior assistant insisted. It would be rude not to take the offer, no? The first class we entered was a primary 3 class and the second class we entered was a primary 5 class.

Only less than ten of the teachers there that I can recognize. Most of the teachers now there are new teachers. I'm glad that some of them still remembered me especially the teachers that taught me during my primary school years. In fact, the school senior assistant was one of the teachers that taught me Maths and Science during those years and she still remembers me! And off course, I had to speak mandarin to my former teachers there. As I have said before, my pin yin is sometimes out of tune and my confidence in speaking in mandarin is only 50% but I managed to speak mandarin without any problems [almost] and if there were words that I don't know, I just mixed it up with English [that's what I do these days when I speak mandarin to my Chinese friends]...they won't mind~! *troll face* xD

All in all, our class observation went well~! Thank you, LORD~!

 The mural drawn by my Chinese option seniors who went for their practicum there.
(At the school's new building block)

 Mus and me. Bored to death. Good thing there's weefee (wifi). 

 Primary 3 Xin class with their English teacher.

Primary 5 Ti class.

p/s: I realized that loud-mouthed students annoy me. =="

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