Empat sekawan

12:45 AM

After not doing any photoshoot sessions for about 3 months, I've finally got the chance to do so. Our session was held at Sutera Harbour. Though we stumbled some complications during in the middle of the photoshoot, we managed to go on with the photoshoot without any disturbance and were satisfied with the session. This time Ajit was also the photographer for the photography outing. He bought the same camera model as me. Wanie, Jerry, Faridah and Stiffi were our models and Ajit and Afiq were my assistants ( all of us assisted one another actually).

I was not really inspired for this photoshoot. I had a lot of things in my mind. But luckily the pictures turned out just fine.

Few of my faves:





More pictures here and here.

Some 'behind the scenes' pictures:

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