What a weekend!

10:55 PM

Nothing special happened...but here’s the story...

I don’t have the mood to study yet. I am still slacking off. Laziness strikes. At least all the work that is supposed to be done is completed...for the weekend off course. I’m still not well. I’m still coughing ( 2 weeks and counting), my gums are hurting (2 weeks and counting & the pain travels through my head), my right foot is cramped, my finger has not healed yet (I crashed during my practice 2 weeks ago and it affected one of my fingers). I had difficulty doing footwork. I hope it heals soon. I pray for all of this physical pain will heal soon. 

By the way, we jammed in my hostel room during the weekend. Two of my friends (Wenah & Candice) just bought a new guitar. We just randomly searched for guitar chords on the internet and sang like there's no tomorrow. Lol~

 browsing for guitar chords


yg ni pro...xD

p/s: Why am I so lazy???? Please motivate me!!!!! [though I think all the physical pain that I'm suffering might be the cause of it =="]

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