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Ok, so people have been posting about Harry Potter. I've decided to do the same. 

I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter since I was 10. So, it has been a span of 10 years of fandom. I remembered I used to collect money from my daily allowances just so that I can buy a CD of the first movie - even if it is a pirated CD. Though the scenes were not so clear and it was somehow recorded straight from a cinema, knowing the storyline and watching it satisfied me enough. I've missed one part of the movie though which was 'Goblet of Fire'. I think I'm gonna ask around who has the movie. 

From the first movie, I've known that Ron and Hermione will be together and it took 10 years for me to see them finally kissed. They look cute together. At last, they kissed during the last part of the movie series. Though the kiss scene was not that romantic, I mean, the kiss happened just like that with no romantic confessions between the two of them and audiences wouldn't even have expected that they would kiss after what happened. I was like - 'Toink! just like that?' =_=" so unromantic... But nonetheless, there had been numerous cute scenes between both of them from the first movie until the end.

I am proud to be one of the Harry Potter generations. I even grew up together with the casts (though we're from different parts of the world) and watched them go through puberty...haha! xD

Look how much they've grown and notice the increased level of hawtness and vogue:

Hot look on the right pic...xD

Matthew Lewis' a.k.a Neville Longbottom's amazing transformation! xD

my 1st impression of her - She's too blonde! But cute too!

p/s: I'm thinking of watching the first movie again. haha!

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