Cha-ching cha-ching~

10:42 PM

I'm quite surprised that the allowance is in early for us this semester (3 weeks after the semester started is quite early), usually many of us would be complaining here and there desperately just before the allowance is in. The complaining doesn't seem so apparent for this semester though. Praise to God for the allowance~! ^_^

As usual, when money is involved, we would already be planning things to buy. For me, I already have a few things in mind.

Number One:
It's essential for a student like myself. My old printer is busted but still can be used as a scanner. I'm going to buy a non-scanning printer this time.

 Number Two:
Nokia C3
I'm interested in using a QWERTY keypad type of handphone this time. 
Besides, the price is affordable.
Number Three:
It's for my photography equipment. Need to upgrade on lighting equipment since I find reflectors are very handy when it comes to using it for outdoor photography. 

I did mention last semester that I would be buying new DSLR lenses for this semester. Well, again, that has to be put off until further notice. *sigh*

Also, when money is involved, we should be spending it wisely. <--- how many times have we heard this phrase, hnm? [A reminder to myself as well....]

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