Absolute Boyfriend [Zettai Kareshi]

11:40 PM

*Ayaka - Okaeri (Absolute Boyfriend theme song) currently playing on repeat*

I'm not really a big fan of Japanese drama but I have to say that this drama really touched my heart especially the last episode. *cry me a river* T_T I spent about a week watching all 11 episodes.

It is a drama based on a Japanese manga. But the Japanese drama version differs from the manga itself. I prefer the drama's plot though. I've never read the manga but from what I've read, it is totally different. Even the ending is different but it still sticks to the same concept - an ideal robot boyfriend who loves you and never lets you down and is willing to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING for you. Sounds too exaggerating for me though...haha~

I love this actor down here. He's cute. Mizushima Hiro playing as Soushi Asamoto:

What I've learned from the drama is...appreciate someone's existence eventhough you can't return their love because of a few reasons. It might be too late before you know it. I can relate to this.

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